Subscription Offer Includes Bronze Silver Gold and Platinum Training Packages with Free LMS

Free Learner Management System (LMS)

Integrated LMS

You need to be confident that your staff are well trained and able to perform their job competently. Our Learner Management System (LMS) is provided as part of the package when you license a training course from us and allows you to monitor your employees' progress and export relevant management information statistics.

Your own LMS

If you have your own e-learning training courses, we can provide LMS functionality in two ways:

  1. we will lease to you or build for you a SCORM-compliant* LMS of your own that sits on your server. It will be branded for your organisation, with all the functionality you require.
  2. for a small annual sum, we will rent you space on our own LMS and host your courses.

Features of your LMS

  • Custom-built and branded to your specifications
  • Fully hosted by us or secured on your own intranet / extranet
  • Scalable from 10 to 100,000 learners
  • Fully managed 24/7
  • Accessible from any web browser
  • Automated correspondence, evaluation and notifications
  • In-built management reporting and data exports
  • Administrator training and technical support
  • Secure data back-up
  • Threaded discussion forums
  • Flash content delivery.

As an organisation, you can:

  • track large numbers of learners
  • monitor uptake and completion of training courses
  • get results from online assessments
  • batch upload an unlimited number of learner details
  • batch enrol your learners onto their courses
  • upload voucher codes for individual course registration
  • add your own bespoke content to our courses.