Food Hygiene & Safety : e-learning training course

This Food Hygiene & Safety course online comprises five easy-to-follow study units. Key topics include food contamination, principles of food storage and relevant legislation.

Unit Titles

Unit 1 - Introduction to Food Hygiene and Safety
Unit 2 - Food-borne Illnesses
Unit 3 - Understanding Food Law
Unit 4 - Contamination
Unit 5 - Storing and Cooking

Learning Objectives: at the end of the Food Hygiene course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the key elements of excellence in food hygiene
  • Outline the three principal ways of controlling and destroying micro-organisms
  • Outline the principal methods used to cook, store and preserve food safely
  • List the potential hazards arising from poor practice in preparation, storage and cooling
  • Thaw, cook, cool and reheat food in accordance with good practice
  • List the main causes and give examples of food-bome illnesses
  • Identify those most vulnerable to food poisoning
  • Explain the terms ‘incubation period’ and ‘carrier’
  • Identify common causes of cross-contamination and the implications of this
  • Explain the meaning of the terms ‘food hygiene’ and ‘food safety’
  • Give examples of how food can be spoiled or contaminated and the consequent risks
  • Give examples of sources of microorganisms and vehicles of contamination
  • Identify the causes of cross-contamination and effective methods of prevention
  • Identify the principles underpinning the Food Safety Act 1990
  • Describe the role and powers of an Environmental Health Practitioner.

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