Challenging Behaviour: e-learning training course

Challenging Behaviour e-learning training course
This Challenging Behaviour course offers techniques which are designed to provide greater insight into the potential sources of common behavioural challenges and limit the harmful effects experienced by both carers and the cared for.
The course will help learners to identify potential triggers at an earlier stage and consider more informed approaches to managing common behaviours, including amongst others;
  • physical and verbal aggression
  • inappropriate sexual behaviour
  • repetitive questioning
  • false accusation
  • aimless wandering
Though relevant to those caring for people with conditions such as Stroke and Mental Illness the material will be especially relevant to those caring for people with Dementia. The course is an excellent resource for those who have an interest in building trusting and respectful relationships with the people they care for.
Learning Objectives
  • Explain the term ‘Challenging Behaviour’
  • Apply good practice when addressing a person with challenging behaviour
  • List common examples of challenging behaviour
  • Identify appropriate responses to a range of behaviours

Completion of the Challenging Behaviour course and the associated assessment will take learners approximately 60 minutes.

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