Forensic Awareness: e-learning training course

Forensic Awareness e-learning training course

This e-learning course, Forensic Awareness, is broken down into three easy-to-follow units - an introduction and two study units. It is aimed at people who work in secure settings and emphasises to learners the importance of forensic awareness.

It will help them to understand why risk assessment and management are key to the safety of all concerned and enable them to apply their learning with the help of case studies and activities.

Unit 2 highlights the importance of forensic awareness for workers in secure settings. Learners will also come to understand how assessing and managing risk in a forensic setting is vital for all concerned. This unit explains the reasons why people are detained, and the legal processes relating to the Mental Health Act and other court procedures.

Unit 3 explores the topics covered in Unit 2 in more detail using case studies and activities that provide learners with a better understanding of forensic issues, such as risk assessment and monitoring and assisting progress. Learners are required to carry out the first part of an assessment by printing and completing work sheets from the resources section of the course.

The objectives for each study unit are that learners will be able to:

  • explain what is meant by forensic health provision
  • identify why and how someone may be detained or sectioned
  • understand the importance of assessing and managing risk in a forensic setting
  • describe how people are assessed in custody and during the legal process
  • describe how risk assessment and setting targets can be applied in forensic situations
  • explain the importance of monitoring and assisting progress for people in detention
  • monitor their own performance at work on an ongoing basis.

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