Career Ahead (F): e-learning training course

Career Ahead (F) e-learning training course

This course is all about building confidence in your approach to job searching and to the world of work as a whole.

During your studies, you will compile a Portfolio which will contain, for example, your career action plans, templates for your CVs and covering letters as well as your responses to quizzes and exercises, all of which will help you to achieve your goals.

This course is not about getting any old job that’s out there. The activities will help you focus on the type of work that genuinely suits you.

By taking time to look at your strengths and interests, and matching these to your plans for the future, you will improve your chances of success dramatically.

Unit Titles and Descriptions

Unit 1 - How to Use the Course

Unit 2 - Choosing a Path
This unit helps learners to build their confidence as they prepare themselves for finding a new job. The unit contains activities for learners to complete to highlight their interests, identify and focus on their strengths and clarify their ambitions. The unit concludes by enabling learners to start building up a picture of where they are now and what their short- and long-term goals are.

Unit 3 - Gizza Job
This unit is for anyone looking for a job or for a work experience placement. As learners work through the screens, they are asked to answer questions about themselves; what they want from work and, ultimately, what they want out of life. Information from the activities in this unit is stored in a personal portfolio to help learners build a picture of where they want to be and the type of work they're looking for. The aim of this unit is to boost learners chances of getting not any old job, but the right one for them.

Unit 4 - Preparing for Success
The purpose of this unit is to help build learners confidence further as they prepare to apply for work. It does this by providing tips for boosting their self-image as well as clarifying what employers are looking for from prospective employees. The activities in this unit focus on ways to impress from the outset of the application process. They will also enable learners to effectively analyse job descriptions and person specifications, and help them to define their strengths and skills in relation to a specific job's requirements.

Unit 5 - Succeeding at Interviews
This unit provides learners with tips and techniques they can use to impress prospective employers at interviews. The unit provides learners with guidance for preparing answers to both standard and tricky questions, to use positive thinking techniques and to highlight their skills and strengths on the day. As learners progress through this unit they will contribute more information to their portfolio by answering quiz questions and completing activities about their situation and experiences.

Unit 6 - Starting Work
In this unit, learners explore the different things that need to be organised by careful planning and preparation after successfully gaining employment. The unit helps learners through this transition by providing them with tips, guidelines and access to reputable online sources of information and advice.

Unit 7 - CVs and Covering Letters
This unit provides learners with a powerful and engaging activity designed to assist them with creating their own CV and covering letter. The activity is divided into three simple steps:

  • Step 1 - Introduces learners to the purpose of a CV and how they should use it
  • Step 2 - Provides a user friendly CV Generator that eases learners through the process of creating their CV
  • Step 3 - Provides a user friendly Covering Letter Generator that eases learners through the process
                of creating their covering letter.

After completing this unit learners are able to save their CV and covering letter as a Word document and download it for immediate or future use. 

The e-learning study units, together with the workbooks, will enable you to:

  • summarise your interests and strengths
  • visualise where you would like to be in 5 years' time
  • identify the most effective methods of finding work
  • identify some common barriers to finding work
  • identify areas where you need to build confidence
  • explain what employers are looking for from prospective employees
  • produce an effective CV and adapt its style and content according to the requirements of each job
  • create covering letters which are appropriate to the type of work you are applying for
  • plan how you will answer different questions during an interview
  • prepare for interviews in a way that will maximise your chances of success
  • list the do's and don'ts in terms of being interviewed
  • identify and address the main issues you will face before starting your new job
  • plan and manage your budget.

You can complete the 'Fundamentals' version of this course free of charge. Click here.