Health & Safety - The Fundamentals: e-learning training course

Health & Safety - The Fundamentals e-learning training course

This short e-learning course comprises an introduction and two easy-to-follow study units. Unit 2 deals with Risk - its assessment and management - whilst unit 3 covers the general aspects of Health and Safety in the context of the workplace.

Unit Titles

  • Unit 1 - How to Use the Course
  • Unit 2 - Introduction to Health and Safety
  • Unit 3 - Safety at Work

Learning Objectives: at the end of the course, students will be aware of:

  • The policies and procedures they need to observe to keep safe at work
  • The responsibilities that everyone has to promote health and safety at work
  • An introduction to fire safety and turning off utilities in an emergency
  • The procedures for safe moving and handling
  • What they can and can’t do when an incident needs emergency first aid
  • An awareness of medication and healthcare procedures
  • Key tips regarding their personal security and safety.

Risk Management / Assessment Aspects students will cover include:

  • Their attitude to risk
  • The five principal risk factors
  • The human, economic and legal costs of accidents
  • How to identify hazards and evaluate risks
  • The five key steps of risk assessment
  • How to conduct a basic risk assessment.

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