Self-directed Support - The Fundamentals (F): e-learning training course

Self-directed Support - The Fundamentals (F) e-learning training course

This Fundamentals course introduces learners to the basic principles of Self-directed Support, independent living and needs-driven care.

Its aims include to define the terms associated with the subject, to describe the types of support services and payment options available and to help learners to explore the process of care planning and delivery.

The course reinforces the importance of helping people to remain as independent as possible and to have choice and control over the way they live their lives.

Learners who would benefit from studying this course include those who work as carers and support staff as well as people who would like to apply for support themselves.

The online materials include case studies, quizzes and activities to help reinforce learning as students work through each topic.

In addition, learners will receive access to checklists and suggestions for further reading. On completion of the course, they will be required to carry out an online assessment to check their learning.

Topics covered include:

  • the values underpinning Self-directed Support
  • some of the key terms used when talking about personalised care
  • the differences between personal budgets and direct payments
  • the seven steps to being in control of the support provided
  • how to start planning the support required.